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The Youth Board

Youth Board Meetings are held on the 4th Friday of each month from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

ROOTS Teen Center was started by young people. Rob Foster, Brandywine LaBelle, and Caitlin Mayes took on many important roles in the strategive planning process of making ROOTS a reality for the northern Berkshires.

The Youth Board is a vital and important part of ROOTS. This is a commitment not only of your time but also of your voice. As members of the Youth Board you help to tell the story of the Teen Center to the greater community. Our goal is to always have representatives from the five local high schools (Drury, Hoosac Valley, McCann, Mt. Greylock, Bart) in Northern Berkshire as well as young people that represent other groups and organizations as well. 

We are currently seeking new members! Click here to apply to become a member!



ArtDoors is a program that engages young people in exploring the natural world and the creative world. Participants are introduced to local artists and outdoor enthusiasts who offer workshops and activities to build skills in various mediums of art and outdoor stewardship. By collaborating with cultural organizations, the City of North Adams, county wide initiatives, and state agencies, this program opens doors for young people to explore the intersection of art and nature, and encourages youth to examine how this intersection influences their identity.

Email to sign up for a hike! Transportation and snacks are provided, but space is limited!

This program is collaborative project  with UNITY Youth Programs of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition.

In 2017 ArtDoors received the highest national review ratings from the National Park Service along with Technical Assistance to build the program. 


Got an idea? ROOTS mission is to support the voice of young people in the northern Berkshires. Go to a youth board meeting and make your voice heard! Suggest an activity or program, or plan an event for you, your friends, and other young people, or start a club! The possibilities are endless!